We are two savvy sisters who have been shopping the deals for years and want to share our finds with you!  Look here for bargains, freebies and giveaways to help you stretch your budget and bucks.Now a little bit about us….

Melrose: In addition to blogging I also work full-time, I am married and have adult children and 6 grandchildren. I live in Kansas, approximately 1500 miles from Kay Lynn. I began blogging a few years ago and thoroughly enjoy co-publishing Two Savvy Sisters with my sister! My two favorite hobbies are bargain shopping and travel, however I only participates in these hobbies when the price is right. You can email Melrose at melrose@twosavvysisters.com.

Kay Lynn: I’m also a wife, mother and grandmother and a recent empty nester.  Besides blogging here with my sister, Melrose, I write about weight loss and health at Weight Chronicles. Email Kay Lynn at kaylynn@twosavvysisters.com.


Kay Lynn and Melrose Glammed Up at Blogher ’10